We want justice in the death of Henry O. Clark, Jr. Please review the following information and documents to assist you in understanding why our position has not changed since 2001. All documents are available via fax or mail.  

Since Henry and I were never political, these people felt that they could do whatever they wanted. And, they did! The information has been on this web site for a few years now. But, as long as they felt that I was running around in a cirlce; they were fine. And, as long as they felt that no one was listening to me; they were fine. And, as long as members of the c-network, inc. were harassing me; they were fine. It is obvious something must have changed because on Monday, March 15, 2010, I received this letter from JUDGE WENDY BAXTER AND ATTORNEY VEN JOHNSON

In 2008, I addressed this letter to the Attorney Grievance Commission and forwarded a copy to the Michigan Supreme Court VIOLATION OF HENRY O. CLARK, JR. RIGHTS.

I stand behind what is written on this web site. And, I stand behind what occurred in regards to my husband's death, their cover up and all the legal steps that I took. Not only do I stand behind what is written and spoken, I stand on it! 

There is nothing honorable in what they did. Trust me when I say there is more to all of this than what is listed on this web site. Read the documents [there are more] for yourself. The documents speak for themselves.Look at the number of preventable DEATHS. Trust me when I say they had/ have no remorse in killing Henry. It was/is another day at the office for them. I contacted the Detroit Police Department Homicide three times to investigate the death of my husband. In fact, the Lt. stated that the attorney did not request an investigation. An officer recently told me that they cannot obtain DNA at this late date. The truth is they are not interested because Detroit Medical Center is involved. 

I have worked very hard to get justice for Henry since 2001. I retained three (3) attorneys over a seven year period to get justice for my husband. The best of the three was my second attorney. I fired the Fieger Law but they would not release the case to the second attorney. In fact, they ruled the courtroom. The third attorney handled my appeal and I filed with the Supreme Court (they refused to hear the case.) 

I have submitted complaints to the JUDICIAL TENURE COMMISSION in regards to Judge Wendy Baxter, the Attorney Grievance Commission in regards to the unethical actions of attorneys Geoffrey Fieger[AGC 1651/06], William Chaklos [AGC 0795/08], Vernon Johnson [AGC 0347/06] and Todd Weglarz [AGC 0568/06]. This is the response that was received from the Attorney Grievance Commisssion in regards to Todd Weglarz and my written response faxed back to RUTH STEVENS. I wrote the ACLU, the Office of Quality Monitoring, State of Michigan Department of Consumer & Industry Services RESPONSE and Gov. Granholm's Lansing office was informed of the situation. Noelle A. Clark (no relations) was the director of the Department of the Consumer & Industry Services and a member of the Attorney Grievance Commission in 2006 when I filed complaints against the attorneys. Other attorneys in this case were Nansi Rowe and Walter Pookrum. There appeared to be several conflict of interests and collusion. 

Interesting piece A JUSTICE'S FAREWELL - WEAVER: Rescue highest court from special interests' grasp in the Detroit Free Press on September 2, 2010. 

In addition, I took my case to the Michigan Court of Appeals [Judge Michael J. Talbot was on the Board of Commissioners of the Judicial Tenure Commission in 2006 when I filed my complaint against Judge Baxter] and to the Michigan Supreme Court in 2008. This is the ORDER from the Michigan Supreme Court.  Did you know that judges including Supreme Court judges sit on NONPROFIT BOARDS? Do they sit on for profit boards too? 

Honest people [yes there are some] told me not to waste my time going to the Court of Appeals and the Michigan Supreme Court because they knew what I did not. OK, they were right! On Tuesday, January 2, 2008, we appeared before judges Michael J. Talbot, Brian K. Zahra STATE BOARD OF LAW EXAMINERS and Patrick M. Meter of the Michigan Court of Appeals. When my attorney stated that Henry had bled for two days, one of the three judges said to my attorney and me, "You know that is not true". The facts were not important in this case. Protecting friends were. 

So, I want a federal criminal investigation and a trial. I believe we all can see clearly the fraud and collusion from the top to the bottom. There was nothing frivolous about our lawsuit as some would have you to believe. Henry went into the hospital to have his gall bladder removed. After surgery, he was up walking and talking. Henry was deliberately over ANTICOAGULATED. They knew that their actions would lead to his death. They knew exactly what they were doing. And, they were aware that Harper University Hospital, the state of Michigan and the local media would not disclose the death or cover-up. I once asked a newspaper reporter to write on Henry's death. His reply was, "These people [just] do what they want to do". It is all about money to those people not about a life. 

Please note that I hear your concerns and questions relating to Henry's death such as: Does lasix and unit of blood mix? I want you to know that everyone knows the truth now. I will continue to fight to get justice for my husband. And, I hope that you will help in this effort too.  This is Henry's  EULOGY;  LETTER to the community and MALPRACTICE LETTER.
For four long years the personal representive was told by the Fieger Fieger Johnson & Giroux or Fieger Law firm that a trial would be held in the matter of Henry O. Clark, Jr's death. This law firm is part of the cover-up. In the third or fourth year, Attorney Geoffrey Fieger decided, unbeknown to the personal representative to change his position and work to protect the medical personnel, Detroit Medical Center and Harper University Hospital instead of representing his client.  

This lawsuit went from being a medical malpractice to a wrongful death in order for Attorney Geoffrey Fieger, Attorney Todd Weglarz, Attorney Ven Johnson and Judge Wendy Baxter to control the proceedings and the outcomes of the Evidentiary Hearings. [In fact, this case should have been referred by Attorneys Fieger and Weglarz to the Detroit Police Department Homicide for an investigation due to the circumstances surrounding Henry's death after a full investigation by Fieger Law [see Todd J. Weglarz link below]. Everyone [including all of the defendants and their attorneys] were aware that a trial was expected. In the end, their actions [collusion and conflict of interests] were to protect Dr. James Joseph Glazier PHYSICIAN and Harper University Hospital, not represent their client, Mr. Clark. Truth is Dr. James Joseph Glazier was NOT deposed as the surgeon, the two nurses and wife. The The above attorneys and judges disregarded Mr. Clark's WILL to give benefits to those individuals not listed and to negatively affect the lives of those individuals Mr. Clark loved most. The truth has come to light in the two following documents 2 MACOMB HOSPITAL SOCIAL WORK. And, the December 7, 2005 EVIDENTIARY HEARING. This reflects how Judge Wendy Baxter was determined to rule against my husband and me at any cost [the RELEASE was never signed by me]. Their witness perjured herself several times including stating that she was with Henry when he suffered the stroke. She may have been a factor in causing the stroke but the truth is Henry suffered the stroke while working on the line at Chrysler Warren Truck. Several of her statements were lies not even close to the truth. 

The witness did not call to offer any assistance or visit [did send a card talking about the child] for over a year once Henry returned home after about a 90 day stay [Sept. 13, 1997 - Nov. 1997] in the hospital. The first time she called was Dec. 1998 [I asked what did the baby want for Christmas. She stated a keyboard. We purchased a piano for the child]. I do not think the child has never been to our home. Kallene had no idea how well Henry was doing. He would walk 4 to 5 miles a day, perform sit-ups [as seen on Channel 7], travel, deliver meals to seniors for Meals on Wheels, volunteer with College Park Radio Patrol, address stroke awareness, go to concerts, keep his doctor appointments and share a lot of time with those he love. In other words living a good active life in spite of the stroke. The truth is Kallene thought Henry would not live after the stroke [while in the comma] but he fooled her and his sister Linda. 

After Henry came out of the comma, not one time did Kallene tell the hospital that she wanted to care for Henry. It is interesting to note that Henry requested his second daughter to be his guardian not Kallene [biological daughter]. In fact, biological daughter was first used by Dr. Devireddy of St. John Hospital to refuse to sign guardianship paper for the second daughter. Later Fieger Law and Judge Wendy Baxter would use this term. And, Henry never requested Kallene to be his personal representative in his two Wills. So, I think Henry made it clear to everyone what he wanted and what he did not want. And, in June 2001, Henry informed Kallene with her husband at their home prior to going into Harper Hospital that he did not want a relationship with her. Henry told everyone including some physicians. [She came to the ICU because I called her]. 

This letter from Fieger Fieger Kenny Johnson & Giroux or Fieger Law shows that this law firm did NOT represent its client. Attorney Weglarz knew very well that a trial was expected and the word settlement was never mentioned. Yet, he writes in the second paragraph of the following letter as if he is unaware of Attorney Johnson's actions. The truth is during the Facilitation held at Judge Kaufman's office, Attorney Weglarz is sitting right across the table (no other attorneys and/or clients were present) from Attorney Ven Johnson and the Personal Representative when he stated that he was ready for trial. And, just minutes before Attorney Johnson had entered the room, Judge Kaufman had apologized to the Personal Representative in front of Attorney Weglarz for NOT being able to bring all sides together. The wait was over. We can now go to trial! There was just one big problem, Fieger Law had been telling the personal representative one thing; but, had been working on a settlement behind closed doors with Judge Wendy Baxter and Detroit Medical Center and the other attorneys in the case. Todd J. Weglarzand Attorney Fieger filed papers opposing RELIEF.

It is very clear that politics has played a large role in keeping those responsible for Henry's death from being held accountable. On July 28, 2003, the Fieger Fieger Johnson & Giroux or Fieger Law, delivered supplemental exhibits to the United States District Court. On the same day, the Affidavit of Merit Notice was delivered to Wayne County Circuit Court. 

The first of two investigations started in 2002. Michigan Department of Consumer and Industry Services drafted this REPORT and the Michigan Department of Community Health Allegation Section Health Regulatory Division STEPHANIE ROSENTHAL 2007 report. Certain information was already blacken when I received this report. And, who is this so called expert professor of medicine? This is the FACTUAL ACCOUNT of what happen to Henry. These fradulent investigations were design to protect Harper University 

HOSPITAl, Detroit Medical Center, Doctor GLAZIER and two nurses. Initially, I filed complaints against the nurses and the hospital. Later, after a state worker asked about the role of the attending physician [cardiologist James Joseph Glazier] a complaint was filed to investigate. There were three doctors involved. One walked out the room when Henry needed oxygen as did the younger nurse; neither returned. Henry CODED

Please inform Nurse Piper, Nurse Nenio and Dr. James Joseph Glazier that there is no time limit to investigate murder. This is the MEDICAL EXAMINER report filed by Dr. Glazier stating that the cause of death was natural. The following is part of Dr. Barnwell the surgeon deposition as he is being questioned by Dr. Glazier's ATTY. MELVIN SCHWARTZ. I added the five (5) exhibits to prove that Atty. Schwartz is NOT being honest. My husband was covered by three medical providers: Blue Cross Blue Shield from Chrysler, Blue Care Network from me with the City of Detroit and Medicare (Part A & B). In addition, an AFFIDAVIT OF MERIT is required and was obtained. At the end of the day, the facts do not lie. Truth is the entire cover-up was uncovered years ago. 

Nurse Piper started her career killing patients. I have never converse with this nurse. I have never said one word to this nurse because she was a smart mouth the day of Henry's surgery and on the second day after the surgery. It was Nurse Piper who pumped Henry with Herparin. And, it was Nurse Piper who would not give Henry an oxygen mask when he requested it because he could not breathe. Nurse Piper supervisor was Renee Weir. Read NURSE PIPER DEPOSITION; NURSE PIPER2 and NURSE PIPER.3

There are more people involved in the death and cover up of Henry O. Clark, Jr. including CEO Dr. John Porter, director of nursing Coreen Vlodarchyk, stroke educator Roxie Sullivan (now works for MPRO) and Marketing and PR Chinyere Ubamadu (whom now works for Ronald McDonald House Chartities in Chattanooga). The Evaluation letter that outlines the condition to proceed to trial and the Rejection letter to accept dollars were denied EVALUATION INFORMATION.

The Fieger Fieger Kenny Johnson & Giroux or Fieger Law firm and the 36th District Court Wayne County/Detroit Judge Wendy Baxter decided NOT to award conscious pain and suffering to the Estate in order to protect Harper University Hospital and to re-write Mr. Clark's Will to include party (ies) that he excluded from two Wills: the 1989 [Henry initiated three years after we married in 1986] and 1999 [Henry initiated two years after we re-married in 1997] CONSCIENCE PAIN.

In fact, the UAW Legal office in Detroit could not locate the file containing a copy of the 1999 Will. Wayne County Probate court cannot locate the filed copy of the 1989 Will. Documents including the 1989 Will was placed in a Comerica Bank safe deposit box and later transferred to the Michigan Department of Treasury was never recovered. And, a document received from the Department of Treasury states that some documents had been destoryed SAFE DEPOSIT INVENTORY.

Documents and witnesses prove that Henry was aware that he was NOT receiving prompt medical care and may be dying PROGRESS NOTES. Many hospital personnel knew that Henry was not being cared for properly 2 PROGRESS NOTES. On the day Henry coded, the PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE was in the room. Two employees later addressed the lack of care. And, one employee mentioned the exceptional care given by the  WITNESS. and Harper University Hospital asked all employees to write statements. Henry's DEATH CERTIFICATE supports that he bled for two days. The AUTOPSY confirms internal bleeding. The closing of the estate by the PROBATE JUDGE. 

NOTE: I received a letter from the UAW asking retirees and surviving spouses to contribute to V-CAP (their political arm). NO! When Henry suffered a stroke while working on the line at Warren Truck in 1997, where was the c-network union rep? Roger Smith UAW a few years ago asked me "Where do your money come from"? Read Henry's Benefit Statement and other documents Roger Smith UAW. In fact, they did not pay Henry workers compensation. In fact, Atty. Roger Kline withdrew the request for a hearing on December 14, 2000. My husband's signature is not on the Withdrawal Request. Why? We never knew anything about it until after the fact. Players were: Atty. Robert Kline, Chrysler, UAW, ESIS Insurance. On Thursday, April 21, 2010, the representive from ESIS stated workers comp was not paid because Henry died. NOT TRUE. Henry died in July 2001.  Mr. Clark paid union dues right up to his last retirement check prior to his death. [One or two years prior to Henry suffering the stroke, a man suffered a heart attack while working on the line. The line did not stop. This was very disturbing to my husband.]  

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