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Henry Clark Stroke Foundation

Henry took full advantage of his second chance by fulfilling his desire to help others. Henry continued to deliver meals to senior citizens for the Meals on Wheels program. And, Henry encouraged other stroke survivors to strive to overcome their weaknesses through stroke support groups. He was a member of the Spice of Life at Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan and the Henry Ford Hospital's stroke support groups. He also teamed with stroke educator Roxie Sullivan to assist with the Stroke Risk Assessment and Prevention Program (STRAP). Finally, Henry he was the relief radio man for the College Park neighborhood patrol.

For Henry's remarkable recovery, Harper University Hospital’s requested his service as the poster person for their stroke prevention program. Henry brought in so many new patients to the program that the physicians had to work overtime. Henry did this free to help others learn about stroke. He appeared on Channel 7 "Healthy Living" and Channel 50 "10:00 News" for "Check Your Pulse Detroit." "Check Your Pulse America" encourages Americans to check their pulse once a month for atrial fibrillation because an irregular heartbeat which may lead to a stroke. In addition,Time magazine, Crain’s Detroit, Front Page, Wall Street Journal, and Michigan Chronicle featured Henry in advertisements for Harper University Hospital. As well as radio stations WWJ 950 AM, WMXD 92.3FM, WVMV 98.7 FM.

Henry was invited by Dr. Steven Levine, to address a group of second year medical students at Wayne University. He also spoke with retirees from Chrysler Local 140, and was invited back by Olivia Fowlkes, Retiree Chairperson, to speak again in August 2001 (Henry died July 3, 2001).

Unfortunately, Harper University Hospital did not care or value Henry as a person. After hemorrhaging for two days due to a lack of proper medical care (a doctor and nurses knew that he was bleeding because they caused it), Henry O. Clark, Jr. passed away at Harper University Hospital. However, his dreams and ambitions of helping others still carry on today. With loving memory of a hero, we are proud to dedicate the Henry Clark Stroke Foundation in his name....

With a Dedication to Excellence,
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A Hero Remembered

HENRY OLIVER CLARK, JR., overcame alcoholism and a severe stroke, that left him with paralysis in his left arm and hand, to emerge with a new energy to live life to the fullest. And, a strong passion to help others face their own life challenges as well.

In September 1997, Henry suffered a stroke that left him partially disabled, but it did not erode his spirit to live. God had given Henry another chance at life. And, Henry took full advantage of this opportunity. Henry gained inner strength and peace by going to the "Lord's House." He also worked hard to build strength and endurance for his body during recovery. His daily exercise routines included walking four to five miles, performing 50 to 80 sit-ups, and going up and down stairs.