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The Henry Clark Stroke Foundation

The Henry Clark Stroke Foundation is the first foundation in the state of Michigan to promote stroke awareness. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public organization that is dedicated to the prevention of stroke through education and music. 


A Hero Remembered

HENRY OLIVER CLARK, JR., overcame alcoholism and a severe stroke, that left him with paralysis in his left arm and hand, to emerge with a new energy to live life to the fullest. And, a strong passion to help others face their own life challenges as well.


A 501c3 public nonprofit organization since April 2002
The Henry Clark Stroke Foundation is a nonprofit organization promoting stroke awareness through education.

Greetings from the Henry Clark Stroke Foundation!

Good health; wealth  and peace in 2019. In April 2019, the Henry Clark Stroke Foundation will start its 17th year promoting stroke awareness. Thank YOU for supporting our efforts to educate people about stroke prevention. In 2014, the Henry Clark Stroke Foundation launched our "STROKE NO JOKE!" videos on Henry Clark Stroke Foundation's YouTube channel. And, we will continue with our free programs while reaching out on social media to help people better understand stroke.  Our free programs are the annual "Sharing Our Dream, Preventing Strokes" Conference; presentations; HC Youth Stroke Club (ages 8-19); blood pressure screening and participate in other organizations' health fairs. 

Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to serve you, your family and friends. Our deepest gratitude  to donors and the many experts speakers that have given their time and hearts to the Henry Clark Stroke Foundation.   Special "Thank you" to the Detroit VA Medical Center; organizations; churches; schools and community centers that have invited us to promote stroke awareness. We are dedicated to continuing Henry's dream and work of educating people about stroke.  Henry once said, "I do not want anyone else to suffer a stroke".  So, please join us as we prepare for our 17th year to reach more people. Let's Talk Stroke!CD copyrights 2003 and 2004 cause STROKE NO JOKE! copyrights 2003 and 2004/trademark 2013.

The focus of our website is Stroke Awareness. The Henry Clark Stroke Foundation's Mission is to prevent strokes through education. Many strokes are preventable with knowledge, life-style changes and medication. Therefore, we are not involved in research. Our services are provided free to everyone. It is our goal to reach more people. Please help by inviting us to promote stroke awareness to your group (church; school; work and  social).


1. Investigation is underway. Henry O. Clark , Jr. died July 3, 2001 at Detroit Medical Center Harper Hospital in Detroit at 51 years old. He was the face/spokesperson for Harper Hospital's stroke program. It appears to be an intentional death caused by the two nurses (who had a problem with his face being the spokesperson; two doctors (Dr. James Glazier was more interested in a wealthy (per Dr. Glazier) patient and the hospital. Dr. Glazier was the only one not deposed by our attorney. Maybe because he worked for the Detroit FBI. 

Mr. Clark did NOT receive antibiotic prior to his gall badder surgery. An infection occurred and spread throughout his body. And, an hematoma (local swelling or tumor filled with effused blood) occur. After surgery Mr. Clark was not place on a post-surgery floor to get the proper medical care. NO ONE came to help him when his room light was on and when he complained that he could NOT breathe. The two nurses, Nenio and Piper only talked smart to Henry. "Go to sleep you are just tense" stated Nurse Nenio. When Henry asked Nurse Piper for an oxygen mask because he was having difficulty breathing; she said "NO" as they  over coagulant him with a blood thinner. He BLED for TWO DAYS and then died on July 3, 2001. Nurse Piper transferred to St. Joseph Hospital. I must give credit to the anti-coagulant team for their efforts to get the nurses to lower the blood thinner. The nurses would lower the blood thinner then increase level to where Henry felt dizzy. A huge cover-up followed the death of Henry. The cover-up was to spread the lie throughout the city; county; state and country that Henry suffer a second stroke. HE DID NOT! HENRY came through the surgery; up walking and talking. This cover-up included two well-known black  organizations that receive funds from Detroit Medical Center; State of Michigan Department of Community Health and others. An autopsy was performed at Harper Hospital per Mrs.  Clark request. The death certification on Henry's Death page lists hemorrhage for two days. Henry's body may not have gone to the Wayne County Examiner. They presented a form that stated Henry died of "natural causes". A lie! Michigan Department of Community Health retained a physician whose report stated "Henry killed himself". Another lie!. I NEVER gave up hope of getting justice for my husband and my determination is as strong as ever.   In 2011, Detroit Medical Center filed a Motion to "Dismiss with Prejudice" in U.S. Federal Court Detroit. Judge Roberts modify her  Order to "Dismiss Without Prejudice". Mrs. Clark was unaware of this action until late 2014 when she Google Henry's name. 

Good News:

1. As of 2013, STROKE NO JOKE! is a registered trademark of the Henry Clark Stroke Foundation. American Heart and Stroke Associations infringed (steal) on our intellectual property in 2008 when they launch a nationwide campaign  on radio; cable; TV; and billboards with the help of Ad Council and Burrell Communication.  Special thanks to The Trademark Company for their excellent work in securing our trademark. We have had the copyrights since 2003 and 2004.   

2. Our STROKE NO JOKE! campaign was launched in Secretary of State offices in Michigan.

3. Let's Talk Stroke! by Henry Clark Stroke Foundation is now available for download on cdbaby.com; iTunes and other on-line stores.


1. We are NOT affiliated with ANY organizations or groups including the American Heart and Stroke Associations. Please contact us with names of organizations using our copyrights and trademarks.  In 2010, the Henry Clark Stroke Foundation sued American Heart Association and others for infringing on its intellectual property "STROKE NO JOKE!" in Detroit U.S. District Court; Case No. 10-12689 and 6th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals; Case No. 11-2475.   

2. Beware of false PO Box addresses in Farmington Hills; Dearborn and Oak Park, Michigan. We are not located on: Washington Blvd. and Telegraph Rd in Detroit. We are not located in Chicago, Ill; Southfield or Dearborn, Michigan. 

3. Dunn and Bradstreet has issued two or three Dunn numbers  to other organizations using our name. 

4. HCSF did not host the events on the Detroit Princess Riverboat Friday, July 27, 2012 and Friday, August 24, 2012. We need to hear from those of you that attended the events.

5. We have not partnered with any organizations to obtain funding on the local, state nor national levels. Please report all fraud and scams to strokelady.blc@gmail.com for the Henry Clark Stroke Foundation.

6. Barbara Lewis-Clark has never lived in Rochester, MI.

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With Education and Proper Control of Risk Factors, Many Strokes Can Be Prevented with Education and Proper Control of Risk Factors

Educating people on stroke should be everyone's top priority. Below you will find feature articles and other helpful information about stroke!



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